How To Write A Personal Reflective Essay

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Writing is the most unique quality that the human race possesses. However, with the correct use of the proper writing techniques, you can transform common words in the English language to become a sophisticated well-versed literary paper. I have discovered that proper writing techniques carriers within the ability to invoke all of ones’ emotions. When using proper writing techniques, you are allowing the reader to be able to see through your eyes’ on the subject. The proper use of these techniques can and will reach the hearts’ and minds’ of the readers. I began this writing class under the assumption that I was a good writer. I soon come to realize that I had faltered in my ability to properly write an essay. However, today I have credence in myself to become a great writer. I believe that with continued practice, I can and will achieve this goal. To have good writing skills is another major stepping stone on my path to success. The most important lesson that I or, any student should utilize in writing. Proper research technique. The World …show more content…
The least enjoyable thing about this writing class, I would have to say turned out to be the best thing for me. Being told and showed all of my writing mistakes in my essays’ at first upset me. I had set in my mind that there was nothing wrong with them. Therefore, I spoke to and showed my mom, her remarks about my essays’. My mom stated the professor was correct, I could not believe my ears. She further explained that the remarks were not done in a mean way. The professor was using constructive criticism, she is helping you understand where you are going wrong. Once she said that it was like a light in my brain went on. I realized I was to blame for the way I was feeling. No one likes to hear they are wrong, but, in my case I was, and I am very grateful the professor showed me where and how to change

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