Reflection About Theology

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Theology is a word that I have heard many times but never gave much attention to what it meant or considered what my view of theology was until recently. The first time I heard the word “theology” was most likely in church, as I can assume most people do. There are people, places, and books that have all exposed me to theology and made me consider what I believe. Although I have a basic understating of what I believe, I still do not know exactly what I believe about every aspect of God and theology but I am grateful for the opportunity to gain more knowledge about them. At home in Bloomington, Illinois I attend a large non-denominational church named Eastview Christian Church. I have spent most of my life as a part of this church and have …show more content…
One of the biggest questions Christians and even non-Christians ask is “why does God allow suffering?”. I believe God allows suffering to bring us closer to him. This can be hard to understand but I believe God would rather someone suffer on Earth and through the pain come and rely on Him and be delivered and redeemed. Rather than, never suffering on Earth and not feeling the need to rely on God and consequently eternally suffering. From what I have concluded and understand, the purpose of life is to love God and surrender to Him, and through that go and share the gospel and make disciples. As well as giving Him glory for everything we do. Theology is something I have a desire to learn more about and I am grateful for the opportunity to do that. In theology class I hope to get a better and more solid understanding of what I believe about God. I hope to be open to new ideas so I can gain more knowledge and through this class my faith is strengthened. Overall, I want to learn more about God so I can know more about who created me and loves me unconditionally. I do not have much experience with theology except for what I’ve been exposed to by my church, books, and people that have loved me enough to teach me about it but I am ready to know

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