Reflection About Procrastination

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From the very moment I procrastinated, I knew that the only result ahead was a failure. When attending a school you are always told to plan ahead of time by being organized. However, I always preferred handling my academic work at a snail 's pace. Simply said, I procrastinated leaving everything to the last minute. For some people, being under pressure they tend to produce better results, but on the contrary that is never always the case. Through my personal experiences this didn 't necessarily happen to be the case all the time; sometimes I did better than expected, while other times when I expected to do terrific it would turn out that I did horrible. Most of these personal experiences occurred for me during high school and middle school, …show more content…
I was basically back to square one feeling like a freshman in a new school, but actually being a sophomore. One of the great fortunes that I was attending this new school was the fact that most of my middle school classmates attended this high school along with some of my friends from St. Agnes. Just having some friends to rely on made it somewhat easier to relax. However, during my sophomore year, I found it extremely difficult to adapt to the six marking period system, that I considered extremely camped with tests and quizzes that were practically planned at the last minute by the Head of the each specific academic department, that Hayes had compared to the simple four marking periods, where everything was planned ahead of time as mention on the class syllabus, I was used to since I went through the Catholic education system since second grade. Until now, I still find it bizarre considering that it made everything much more difficult than it needed to be. A great example of experiencing some difficulty from this system was taking Geometry Honors. My Math teacher for Geometry Honors was also the same teacher that taught me AP Calculus during my senior year. The way that my math teacher taught was to take a quiz every other day on what we just previously learned along with a big test review before the end of the marking period. Reminder, this was during the six marking period cycle, making it much more difficult to keep up with considering that getting a one, two, or three out of five for at least two geometry quizzes meant the highest you can get during that marking period was an eighty. For my math teacher getting a one meant a fifty, a two meant a sixty-five, and a three meant a seventy-five and on the off chance you received a zero out of five, it literally meant receiving a zero. Geometry Honors was the worst class I have ever taken since I struggled to

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