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Module 3 Reference List
Grand Canyon University: UNV 501
April 16, 2012

Effective teachers are a direct correlation between professional development and teacher evaluations. Society has the view that public education is failing its students, community, state, and national government. For this perception to change teachers and students must be viewed as being successful. It is up to the leadership of the schools to provide the professional development necessary for this perceived change to take place.
Bryk, Harding, and Greenberg Anthony S. Bryk is the ninth president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He held the Spencer Chair in Organizational Studies in the School
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Susan Moore Johnson is the Jerome T. Murphy Professor in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Previously she was a high school teacher and administrator. Johnson has been the director of a multiyear research study, the Project on the Next Generation of Teachers (Johnson, 2012). She has established her expertise in the area of education through her own education and the research that she has performed. “Johnson makes a case for pursuing a more balanced strategy for improving the quality of teachers and teaching than that currently proposed by most policy makers and scholars” (2012, p. 108). She bases this improvement on the expertise that she has gained throughout her research as well as her interaction with both students, teachers, and colleagues.
Jeremy P. Sullivan has established himself as an expert in the field of education. He is a lecturer in the Department of History at California State University, Long Beach. The focus of his research is on the politics surrounding public schools, in suburban areas and their influence on shaping politics and policy. Sullivan has also worked with public high schools in Maryland and Washington, D.C. on improving history education (Sullivan, 2012). He has established his expertise in the field of education through his education and work experience. Sullivan’s focus on “the

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