Redesigning America's Community College Analysis

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Many Students are choosing to attend community colleges due to the rising costs of a secondary education, but what many students do not realize is that many community colleges still have problems. In Redesigning America’s Community Colleges, the authors discuss how community colleges create an environment of confusion for students because of the “cafeteria style” model. Students around McLennan Community College’s campus. The survey asked how each student defined success, what barriers they encountered on campus, how they could overcome those barriers, and suggestions for the college to make improvements. When students struggle, McLennan does their best to help students with new initiatives. The school just needs to know how to measure if their …show more content…
The main question that this surveyed question can answer is what students have to deal with throughout college. The question specifically wanted what things students encountered on campus that prevented them from being successful, but it seems that most student’s issues are personal problems. This is completely valid because a majority of students have job, live far from campus, and are stressed. More specifically, Student “A” expressed frustration that there is no campus housing. It should be noted that there are many apartment complexes around due to the fact that Waco has three different colleges, but most of them have a lowest price of roughly $500 for a one bedroom. Most students chose a community college because it is either close to home or less expensive than a four year university. Another concern with not living on campus is the commute to school and back home. Students come from far and wide for McLennan. Several students on campus have an hour long drive, and this is most definitely a barrier. Student “F” proposes that there are not enough opportunities to get involved. McLennan Community College is where these students chose to attend school, although many students fail to find the community on campus. Student “F” claims that she was never informed on what classes specifically to reach goals in their major. This discussion of this issue was outline in Redesigning America’s Community Colleges, and MCC appears to be working on it by requiring that a student see an advisor. Finally, Student “E” stresses their concern about not being able to approach professors when they are in need of help. This student tells of how some professors are willing to do anything to help while others do not really care if you pass or fail because the student pays for the class. All of these barriers are things that could take away from a student’s day, money, and their

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