Red Flags Started At Go Up Right Away Essay

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As I started reading this first legal case study, red flags started to go up right away. The first flag was the fact that Patrick 's mother, Rose, didn 't want to be at the meeting due to being so confused. The next flag that I saw was the fact that Mellie Jackson, the special education teacher, wasn 't even in attendance. The last flag that I saw while reading this case was the fact the Rose didn 't say a single word during the hour long meeting. This means that Rose didn 't have any say in Patrick’s IEP goals. In the following paper, I will give a few pieces of advice to Rose and make some suggestions on how she can be better prepared for the next meeting. The first piece of advice I would give Rose, or any parent for that matter, is to speak up! Parents are an essential part of the IEP team and should use their voice. According to, parents should participate in their child 's IEP meeting by providing information on the child, participating in discussion, and making many different decisions. Rose didn 't do any of the above.
I feel that Rose didn 't speak because she was so intimidated by the other members of the team and her lack of knowledge, which will be addressed later. She wasn 't comfortable with the situation especially since the one person she knew, Mellie, wasn 't able to attend. If I were Rose, I would ask to reschedule the meeting to a time where everyone was able to attend. According to, at least one special education teacher must be…

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