Hudson V Rowley Case Study

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Case: Board of Education of the Hendrick Hudson Central School District v. Rowley
Kandice M. Sims
Belhaven University

Fall 2016
The Case
For the case of Hudson v. Rowley, it is the only occasion the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on the requirement of public schools to provide an appropriate education to students with disabilities (Wikipedia 2016). The case has been the foundation for many other arguments and has brought a strong understanding for providing proper services to children over the years.
Understanding the Basics
In my opinion, a child should be given all the possible necessities to better understand daily materials and assignments. We each know, all students cannot be taught the same because they each retain information
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The EHA required, all public schools to evaluate handicapped children and create an educational plan with parents’ input that would emulate as closely as possible the education experience of nondisabled students (Wikipedia, 2016). In my opinion, the argument that surrounded this case was a great one. The administrators of the school sat with the parents of Rowley to create an individualized learning program (IEP). The parents constructed a learning program for a sign-language interpreter, but the services only lasted for two weeks. Instead of being granted their desires for their child to learn, she was instead given an FM wireless hearing aid, to visit a tutor for 1 hour each day, and receive speech therapy 3 hours each week. I believe this is wrong on the school’s administrators behalf because the parents only requested a sign language interpreter. The school could have saved money and cancelled those additional services by providing the child with what she truly needed. I say what she truly needed because while having the hearing aid she is only retaining half the material. I would think if there is additional background noise she could become distracted and cannot fully focus on the assignment being taught. Also, if she was placed in a group with nondisabled classmates, she will need an interpreter for the conversations. I feel that the child was forced to make do with what she had, but she was only 5-6 years of age. We should understand children at such a tender age are still adapting to everything. I believe the parents were only trying to give her an easier path to learning, which is

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