Recycling And Recycling Of Recycling Essay

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In the year 1960, recycling and composing were not common habits amongst most Americans. Thankfully, since 1960 recycling rates in the United States have increased by approximately 27.9% (figure 1). While the increase in recycling is outstanding, the transformation into a recycling, environmentally friendly country is not completed quite yet. Americans are collectively producing a greater amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) and are not properly disposing of said waste; for example: one will waste an aluminum can rather than recycling the can, or one will throw away leftover pizza rather than composting the pizza. As the amount of MSW increases, the amount of waste than can be recycled also increases; however, only 34.3% of waste is recycled by Americans (EPA, 2015). A large amount valuable products and materials are being wasted that could be either recycled or composed in America. The recycling and composting rates in America need to increase in order to have a healthier environment. Recycling requires both an individual and collective effort. The type of community one lives in can determine whether or not he/she is likely to recycle and compost. If one lives in a community in which most people have negative attitudes towards recycling, it will make the members of the community more likely to not participate in pro recycling behavior. Humans are highly sensitive towards social pressure of others and when a community does not encourage citizens to participate in…

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