Recton Case Study

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1. What are some of the major problems facing the management of Recton in accepting formalized project management? (Include attitude problems/personality problems.)

Following are some of the major problems that would face by the Recton by adopting a formal project management process:

1) A New Change To Some Departments:

At Recton, some of the departments are happily using the existing informal project management approach associated to new products and projects. There would be a change in the behavior, style, attitude and culture, if a new formal project management approach would be adopted.

2) Empower Internal Resources For Formal Project Management:

Some departments think that Recton management would hire external
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10. What basic fears do employees have in considering organizational change to formal project management?

It is a natural reaction of each individual to oppose a new change. Some of the basic fears for formal project management would be:

1) Formal project management will increase the work load for the projects.
2) Recton will hire the external people to perform formal project management with no or very little technical knowledge of the processes at Recton.
3) The existing employees may be demotivated because Recton management will not give them chance to do formal project management.
4) The existing resources may not be enough to perform all the activities of formal project management.

11. Must management be sold on project management prior to implementation?

The management is trying to sale formal project management before its implementation. The management various initiatives are the examples. Management wants to provide a detailed training to the employees and get the feedback so all the issues must be addressed before the implementation of the formal project
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What recommendations would you make to Recton Corporation?

I would have following recommendations for Recton:

1) Adopting formal project management process will improve the quality, planning, scheduling and budgeting for the projects, so Recton should adopt the process but they need to understand that only one formal project management process cannot be used for all the projects. Formal project management would play a great role in capital projects but for simpler or smaller projects like plant engineering or maintenance work, they need to develop a simpler form of formal project management (that could easily be done by creating a smaller project team and simpler project deliverables for such projects).

2) Recton should use their internal resources for formal project management by promoting the employees. It would improve the employee’s motivation and satisfaction.

3) The projects that are already in the later stages of the project life cycle like in engineering or execution, Recton should not transition these projects to the formal project management, since these are near completion and already had committed deadlines. The management should transfer the newer projects or the initial phase projects to the formal project

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