Recruitment Of A Child Is Taught By Inadequate Teachers Essay

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When a child is taught by inadequate teachers for three consecutive school years, that child will suffer a huge academic loss. Therefore, recruiting and retaining teachers who are skillful and willing to “stay the course” in a district is an overwhelming task for all involved in the hiring process. This article seeks to show those in leadership what can be done to ensure that recruiting efforts have a purpose that will make a lasting difference. The article lists the following steps: recruiting, retention, pre-teaching training, school culture, professional development, and working conditions as areas that will help address the need to ensure that students are being taught by highly qualified individuals. The writer of this article seeks to help those hiring future teachers, to develop a plan to develop a culture that is conducive to teacher retention. During a recent interview with Barbara Tate, Copperas Cove ISD Director of Human Resource, Ms. Tate expressed the frustration of recruiting quality teachers only to lose them at the end of the first year. She expressed concern over the loss of a mentor program a few years prior and discussed her upcoming plans to pursue a mentor program, a plan she developed by showing the loss of funds each year the district continues to hire new teachers, rather than retain the ones that are already hired. As districts seek to hire teachers, whether new to the profession or those with previous teaching experience, districts must…

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