Recruitment And Retention Strategy For New Hires Essays

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Those of us from the Generation X and Y remember printing tons of resumes on a particular paper stock using a specific font and one of three widely acknowledged formats. We attend career fairs, networking events, used employment agencies, phoned head hunters, emailed human resources or knew someone that knew someone. Today the number of online job search engines have increased and interviews are done virtually. Much has changed in today’s workforce. Therefore, any recruitment and retention strategy implemented should include an array of elements that will enable your company to locate and keep the ideal future employees.
In his article, “8 ways to make sure your recruiting strategy hits its target”, author Sean Little shares eight tips to enhance recruiting strategies (2015). Little emphasized several main points throughout his tips that I would include in my overall strategy; think outside the box, understand the company work environment and have on onboarding process in place for new hires (2015). Employers have to engage in creative recruitment. The ideal candidate may be sitting next to you at a seminar or convention. Use several approaches (i.e. print, online, social media). “Sometime over the next decade your company will be challenged to change in ways for which it has no precedent” (Meister & Willyerd, 2015, p.5). Employers should gather feedback from current employees about the workplace environment. This information can be used as reasons why prospective employees…

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