Reconceiving The God World Relationship Essay

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Reconceiving the God-World Relationship via a Trinitarian Panentheistic Vision in the Face of the Universal Evil — A comparative/critical study of the panentheistic perspectives of Catherine Keller, Arthur Peacocke, and Wolfhart Pannenberg -

Jongseock Shin (James) Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD Candidate

In this paper, I aim at presenting a Trinitarian panentheistic view of God’s immanence as a revision of classical theism, which is theologically more plausible as we consider the contemporary scientific cosmology as well as the perennial theodical dilemma in classical theism. This work is in pursuit of a panentheistic vision of the God-world relationship that is faithful not only to the contemporary scientific cosmology, but also to the Biblical witnesses to the indirect revelation of the Triune God in history. To that end, I will perform a comparative study of the panentheistic views of God’s immanence advanced by Arthur Peacocke, Catherine Keller, and Wolfhart Pannenberg. To be more concrete, in classical theism, God’s eternity tends to be counted as timeless. To put it differently, as Keith Ward rightly points out, because of the emphasis of divine omnipresence, in classical theism “no…

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