Recommendation For Coach Of The Fashion Industry Essay example

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Recommendation for Coach
The fashion retail industry is highly prone to constant changing market trends and consumer preferences. Creativity and having a strong differentiation strategy is the key to being a market leader in the fashion industry. Coach uses product differentiation as their business level strategy positioning itself as an “accessible luxury brand” but somewhere lacks in adding value to the brand. Looking at competing brands Kate Spade apparel reflects Lloyd’s quirky tastes. Ralph Lauren has built his brand around the upper – crust English country life and the American West. Michael Kors sells itself as fashion jet setters. Tory Bruch’s brand revolves around her life as a successful fashion figure and single mom. What does Coach stand for? Coach as a brand lacks having a personality. Since a Brand’s soul is the design of its products we would like to recommend that coach should sign in a new well known designer who will bring in fresh designs and trends to the company. This will help coach to make its brand positioning and promotion stronger and attractive. Also being associated with a famous designer will be an added support for the company to renovate its brand image. People fancy buying brands associated with famous designers therefore it will increase coach’s customer base and escalate sales. As per our research we also found that coach’s classic American designs only appeal to the older generation due to which young fashion loving people do not prefer…

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