Recognizing The Lives Of Children Is A Gift Essay examples

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Effecting the lives of children is a gift. Teachers effect the lives of the children they teach. To be an effective teacher I believe is a calling. I know in my heart I have received the calling to be a teacher. Teachers do not choose their career based on money, convenience, or glory. People become teachers so they can touch the lives of their students. For many students the only comfort, encouragement and nurturing they receive is from their teacher at school. Being a teacher is a lifestyle and a commitment. I will be a teacher that stays late to make sure my students have the materials they need. I will be a teacher that pushes them to be the best they can be. I will be a teacher that cares and does what is best for my students.
I believe all students can learn, no matter if a they have a learning difficulty or a cognitive disorder. All children have the ability to grow either academically or socially. Teachers have the responsibility to help each student improve. This may involve adapting lessons so each student may understand. The essence of being a teacher is constantly differentiating learning. Teachers have to be creative and clever when presenting new material. They also have to present it in numerous ways and forms. It is important that a teacher never gives up on a student. There are always new ways to teach and you have to try until a method works. Even though each student learns differently and at a different pace it is important to be patient, kind, and…

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