Essay on Reclamation Of What You Want Is Not Always Existent

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Reclamation of what you want is not always existent. In the woods, this fundamental rule applies. I accepted this as fact the moment I could not collect a whitetail deer I had shot. Taking place at the age of thirteen, my father and I hunted at our usual spot in the woods near the Mark Twain Landing. Thinking back, I remembered the mind-altering experience that opened my brain up to a critical virtue to life, patience. I could not have learned the prize of patience without the form of a stronger bond between my father, nature, and I. Based on my experience, patience is a key in life. My father and I arrived in the hunting parking lot at the crack of dawn. Opaqueness occupied my eyes. We got out of my father’s pickup truck and gathered our supplies to head out into the woods. The aroma of rich soil gave me a sense of nostalgia from previous hunting seasons. We predetermined to walk to our hunting spot we call “the bluff.” Covered in warmth, we entered the natural artwork of the forest. I felt mentally thermal, yet I was physically frozen. As the spurs walked up my pants, the leaves shattered like Prince Rupert’s drops. The twists and turns of the path to the bluff made me more exhausted than I was. My father would stop once in awhile to check out our site. After about ten minutes, we reached our area. With the elevation at about fifteen feet, our spot showed the vast and spacious area that still appeared as dark as a black hole. All we had to do was wait until the light…

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