Should Homework Be Banned

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Homework is one of the way for learning which it will be given to students and the teacher will asked them to complete it. We as the students have been trained to do homework since we are in the primary school. We have familiar with this type of learning. Although sometimes students thought that homework is such a burden, but it does help so much. Regular homework assignments may include an amount of time of reading to be performed, writing or composing to be finished, material to be reviewed before a test, or other abilities to be polished. The basic targets of assigning homework to students are the same as tutoring as a rule : to expand the learning and enhance the abilities and skills of the students to set them up for upcoming lessons, …show more content…
Teachers should give homework to the students in order to make sure they understand what they have learned in the class. But the teachers should limit the homework. They could not give them a lot because it will make students lazy to complete it. Teachers should give at least one a day so that the students will more motivated to do it. But it all depends on the individual. The student itself must have their own spirit to complete their homework. Students who complete their homework successfully improve their chances for academic success. But homework develops habits and attitudes that work to a student's advantage far beyond the classroom. Qualities like self-discipline, responsibility, and a love of learning benefit students throughout their lives. He more the students do the homework, they will be more discipline and independent. Some people who believe that homework should not be given to students must change their mindset because homework does help students in order to achieve success. Students who did their homework will become a successful person. While students who always thought that homework is such a burden, you must change your mentality. You should realize that homework give many advantages to students in order to achieve success. Everyone in this worlds need homework. Even the people with a career will do a homework so for students, homework is a must. The teachers also should always observe their students and make sure that their students are doing their homework. This is to make sure that students will always keep practicing on what they have learned in class. And they will always remember on what they have learned. Next, this is the way which can make student focus in class. All the disadvantages of homework can be improve by the students and the teachers. They should communicate together so they will improve their learning and teaching skills. The

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