Reasons Why Factory Farming Should Be Banned Essay

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People say that the only way for us to encounter the increasing demands for our food is by having factory farming. But I do not believe we need farming factor. We do not need to be killing those innocent little animals just be too able to feed more people. By buying our food supplies from a justifiable farm, we are making what seems not to be a big change for some people but actually is a way from putting an end to the factory farming system. Three of the main reasons why factory farming should be banned worldwide is for the reason of massive economic problems for us, health concerns, and mainly cruelty in the direction of the animals.
Imagine waking up every morning and the first thing you saw was a cage. For a hen it take up to thirty long hours just to lay one egg. Why? Because this hen lives in a cage day and night. She is not able to even stretch her wings, she is not able to go outside, and she does not even have the freedom to feel the sun on her back. For a hen, one of her most necessary desires is to be able to build herself a nest and be able to lay her eggs in private. In factory farm hens are forced to sleep, eat, and lay their eggs in a very crowded cage. Most of them have part of their beaks cut off, their beaks are filled with nerves, and however this is done without giving them any pain assistance. Due to the males not being able to lay eggs, and not being able to grow fast enough to be grown are raised for meat, the day that they are born they are dropped…

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