Reasons Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Crack! There goes my cousin leg at a basketball game. My cousin Chad was playing basketball for Notre Dame, he was a sophomore when his career got ended. It got ended because he was playing in the game and he went to do a lay up and all he heard was a crunching noise. It was his bone that was connected to his ankle, he fractured it and couldn’t play basketball anymore. He was so mad because he had Scouts look at him so he can go to the big league. Now he is a basketball coach for a High School team. He ended up paying the rest of school year of with the family gave him. Some people says college athletes should get paid is because they work so hard. Other people says that they shouldn 't get paid because they have a lot of free time and do it for fun. Reason I think that college athletes should get paid is because they take time out their schedule to play and it 's where you get started and ready.
College athletes should get paid because they take time out their busy schedule to play a sport so they can get recognized. All girls and boys should be paid based on what they do and how good they are. They both decide to make themselves happy by doing something that make them happy so they can live a better life in the future. Also, they by taking time out they busy schedule to do something they love and not getting paid for. Like what
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A reason I think they shouldn 't get paid is because they sometimes get a free scholarship to play a sport and big league school. Some may say that have to get good grades in order to play. But, what if they have so much practice to do and they slacking in their homework. Well that what happens when you decide to take on a sport at school. Another reason I think college athletes should get paid is because you might not be doing well and they pay you to sit on the bench. It 's wrong for college athletes to work their but off and not get what they

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