Argument In Favor Of Vaccinating Children

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By the age of 18, Americans are expect to have had 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. (National Vaccine.par.1) Parents have hundreds of reasons why they don’t want to immunize their children. But, when parents decide against vaccinating their child they not only put their children in danger but the lives of others. Parents use motives like their rights and beliefs, society and the economy and the benefits or side effects, as the some of their excuses for not wanting to protect their children from disease. “92 percent of measles cases in 2013 were in unvaccinated people.” (True Cost. par.7) An outbreak that might not have happened if they would have gotten there immunizations. “Today, most children in the United States lead much healthier lives and parents live with much less anxiety and worry over infections during childhood.”(Healthychildren.par.2). Less anxiety and worry did not come without the help of medicine. There was a time when children got sick and we were helpless; now, we have the vaccinations to keep the …show more content…
Getting the MMR vaccine or the Flu vaccine doesn’t eliminate you form every getting measles, mumps, or rubella. Getting your vaccinations just heighten your chances of building an immune. If the virus ever invalids someone, they have a high chance of getting through it and coming out stronger. (NIH. par. 5) 69 doses of 16 different vaccines is a lot, but it’s is better to be safe than sorry. Whether, religion and your beliefs, the benefits and side effect, or society and the economy, make you question vaccinating your children; remember vaccination your children helps not only one but all. In the ‘40s and ‘50s, polio may have taken thousands; but as of now, because of modern medicines and the polio vaccine, death from the polio virus is unheard of in the United

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