Reasons For The American Revolution Essay

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A major argument among historians is whether or not the American Revolution is justified or unjustified- the overwhelming evidence suggested throughout history suggest that is not. Yes it may be true that Britain started to act very overprotective over their colonies, limiting the control and freedom that can be exercised throughout the region, but they were mostly looking out for the colonists best interest at heart. The problem was that they were so invested into the colonists lives which they were trying to avoid this whole time. But throughout history, the British has been there for the colonists throughout everything. Any protection, good, money, etc. that was needed was given at the instant to the colonists. With all this at hand the colonists are the ones who should be listening to what Britain is actually doing with their colonies. Although England did impose an excess of imperial rule on the colonists , the British Empire had the right of asserting their power and reasoning onto the colonists while providing them with protection showing unjustified the means of the American Revolution. Though the British Empire had the colonists best interest at heart, they could have allowed for more freedom to the colonists. Admittedly, the British empire had began changing their attitude towards the colonists and it wasn’t for the best. Colonists were being treated a great deal worse than the relationship beforehand, and it had taken them for surprise causing a shift in…

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