Causes Of The American Revolution Dbq

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By the eve of the American Revolution the colonists had developed an identity of American citizens. In each document we see a large quantity of colonists sharing the same patriotic views as the author of the document. The Boston colony was full of patriots who were ready to fight for their freedom and who were willing to die if it meant freedom for future generations of Americans. Each colony grew in unity due to the new sense of patriotism that was spreading. Resentment for British authority is also wide spread in Boston due to the Quartering Act of 1765.

Before the American Revolution the colonists had used the printing press to spread their ideals of patriotism. This helped many colonists gain supporters of the idea of freedom from the
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The colonies were trying to be united by an act known as the “Albany Plan” which was proposed in 1754 by Benjamin Franklin. This would give increased protection to the colonies by being under on government. The illustration is showing the same. Benjamin Franklin believes that all of the colonies must unite to win against the British, not one colony can win alone. This is also another reason why unity amongst the colonies increased. Each colony had taken enough of the unfair, unethical, and horrible treatment of the colonists. While the patriotic ideals were seem most heavily in Boston, illustrations like Benjamin Franklin’s helped create a sense of American identity because of the message it had, “Join or Die”. In document A, we see resentment towards loyalists and everyone who had some ties to the British. This is caused by the identity of being fully American and wanting complete freedom from the British. Articles like the one in Document A created hate towards the British because of the treatment colonists had received, examples included are the Boston Massacre, The Quartering Act of 1765, the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act. The colonists were tired of being treated unfairly. This led to many mobs protesting, which eventually led to groups like the Sons of …show more content…
This was because of the spread of ideals through media such as newspaper, unfair laws, unfair taxation, and formations of groups such as the Sons of Liberty. The colonists had completely got rid of the British identity and gained a new one which would represent all of the colonies united against the British. They were Americans, not only because of the common sense of patriotism, but due to the fact that they were united as a whole to fight against the British and create a new country, united as one, and succeeded to do so because of this shared identity as being

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