Reasons For Legalizing The Death Penalty Essay

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Legalizing the Death Penalty
Imagine receiving an unexpected call from the police, alerting you a loved one was pronounced dead at the scene of a murder. At this moment, millions of questions surround you in disbelief. Every sixty seconds, someone murdered. Their life is lost. Families and relatives are devastated. Those families are left to pick up the pieces. They are forced to sit through hours of investigation and multiple court cases. Some families are allowed closure by convicting the alleged victim. Other families are not so lucky, some are forced to forever wonder who the killer of their loved one is and why they took that person from them. These and many other questions go unanswered, but the do not have too. The punishment for a convicted murderer is most likely life without the possibility of parole, but in other states, the death penalty is enforced.
While this might seem unethical to some, you must take into heavy consideration of what the victim’s family will endure. Losing a loved one by homicide can create traumatic effects. While some individuals are better at accepting death than others, the tragic and emotional strain of losing someone you love can lead to other harmful effects. Many times coping with the death of someone close can lead to alcohol addictions, severe depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety disorders, and can also lead to suicide. In some cases of homicide, the murdered victims not only leave behind family and friends, but children as…

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