Reasons For End A Healthy Pregnancy Essay

1500 Words May 20th, 2015 6 Pages
There are no good reasons to end a healthy pregnancy. There are no God reasons to end any pregnancy but, of course, there are many circumstances where even a God fearing woman could feel comforted that God would forgive her for having an abortion. Cases of rape that resulted in pregnancy or cases of pregnancies that would end a woman’s life due to complications are considered by most people to be very valid reasons to choose abortion over the natural course of life. Although, even though these cases of rape and the risk of the mother’s life seem like excusable reasons to have an abortion they are not the reasons that the majority of women are having abortions and many women have found the inner strength to continue pregnancies in the most undesirable circumstances with positive results. The facts are that just because a woman was impregnated by a rapist does not mean her baby will turn out to be anything worse than a normal baby and it is not impossible for a woman to love and live happily with the offspring of the rapist. It is a risk to continue a pregnancy where medical professionals have stated that a pregnancy could harm or even kill the mother if it was allowed to progress but there are many women who took that risk, continued the pregnancy and they lived through childbirth and recovered contrary to the doctors’ predictions. There are also cases where doctors discover that a mother’s developing fetus has abnormalities that would cause the baby to not survive long after…

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