Reasons Against Animal Testing

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In essence, animal rights is the idea that non-human animals should be treated with respect as an individual with inherent value, and the belief that they are entitled to the possession of their own lives. However, with the increase in demand for new cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the need for medical research, these rights have been violated by the act of animal testing. I will argue that animal testing shouldn’t be a method we adopt. In support of my claim, I will offer three reasons. Firstly, it is cruel and inhumane to do testing with harmful consequences on animals. Secondly, the harmful use of animals has proven to be often ineffective as it is inapplicable to humans.Lastly, animal testing is not the only option available when it comes …show more content…
Despite having very similar biology, there are still subtle differences which mean animals are not subject to many of the diseases that we get, such as various types of cancer, AIDS and Parkinson’s disease. “We have cured mice of cancer for decades- and it simply didn’t work in humans” was a statement made by Richard Klasuner, director of the National Cancer Institute (Cimons 1998) , it reveals how ineffective animal testing can be. Cancer is one of the most concerning diseases in the society today, and after decades of testing we are still unable to make any advances in treatment that are applicable to humans. This strongly suggests we should try and explore other research methods. Furthermore, in reality disease causing mechanisms in humans are extremely complex, and can be caused by a diverse range of factors such as genetics and lifestyle habits. This means that even though if a new apparent treatment is found, it is likely to be a doubt whether it will continue to show promising results on humans as it did on animals . A study in the US Food and Drug Administration found that the “92% of drugs entering clinical trials following animal testing fail to be approved.”(Capaldo, 2014). Even of those approved, half were taken off the shelf as “lethal effects were not detected during animal tests” (Capaldo, 2014). Thus animal testing can be an ultimate waste of time and money. Therefore, animal testing should be reconsidered as it ceases to maximise happiness for both the animal and the research institutes who has invested a lot of money and

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