Arguments Against Reason Essay

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In this paper I intend to support the claim that reason is the best guide in determining right from wrong. I intend to demonstrate that reason is important as it helps us defend our beliefs and judgements of right from wrong. Having reasons guide us will help answer our moral questions about right and wrong. With logical reasoning, we are able to use our hard thinking to lead us to making our choice of right from wrong. As individuals we make judgements about different action if whether they’re right or wrong. We don’t just judge something because it needs to be judged. If we judge an action, then there’s a reason for it. Reasons help lead us to determine if something is right or wrong. If we make judgements then they must have good reasoning in order to support and determine right from wrong. Without reason we wouldn’t be able to defend a belief, an action, or judgment. If we want to be able to have a rational argument about right from wrong, we need reasons that support the argument; having supportive reasons will let us believe something is right …show more content…
Logical reasoning puts meaning into our beliefs. With logical reasoning, we can evaluate theories, principles, or rules that can give us reasons to determine right from wrong. Diving deep into the process of looking at the reasons and finding new reasons is important in order for us to make the correct judgment of right from wrong. By having reasons, we give ourselves a strong argument against any critiques that we may encounter that would be against our beliefs such as our cultures. I believe we can’t just merely say something is right or wrong without any deep thinking about logical reasoning. Lastly, reasons makes us unique individuals because each one of us will have reasons that’ll be different from one another which will help us trust in our moral

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