Reality Is Something You Rise Above Essay

1106 Words Sep 17th, 2015 null Page
The actress Liza Minelli said, “Reality is something you rise above.” This quote means whenever there is an obstacle being thrown in a person’s path, do not stop and give up no matter how big the obstacle may be or seem. Yes, he or she may fall but when they fall that does not mean they stay down they get back up and try again, and he or she will rise and overcome the challenge. When I felt like giving up, I learned to keep pushing myself no matter how bad the situation may seem there will be a victory when it is all over. My parents always tell me that nothing in life comes easy. My tenth grade year in high school was the start of a challenging year, as I was moved up from middle school basketball to high school varsity basketball. In my mind I had painted this perfect picture of how everything would be. However, figured by me being on a more advance level that everything would be better since I had did so well in middle school basketball. As I was adjusting to my new team and my new role as a player, I was really starting to feel a change with my coach and the way she started treating me. I realize her attitude towards me had change tremendously, I felt as though she was not being the uplifting and happy coach that she was towards me when I was in the 9th grade. It seemed liked once she moved me up she threw me to side like a toy, and only picked me back up when she wanted to play me. Regardless of the way I was being treated I kept my head up and stayed strong cause I…

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