Realistic Tactics Training Essay

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Brian, I completely agree with your discussion board post on the importance of realistic tactics training. The old cliché of “train as we fight” does in fact highlight the need for realistic training so the proper actions can be executed in a timely manner to be effective on the battlefield.
The second point you stated on how we must truthfully assess our capabilities as well as that of the enemy is completely correct. If aviators do not train realistically and have the muscle memory to react to enemy fire bad things will occur. This does not just apply to the specific tactics but as well the execution of evasive maneuvers. If you do not train the evasive maneuvers realistically in the aircraft and know your own limitations, your weaknesses will be shown on the battlefield. I
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This means to me that if you have not had realistic training when you do take enemy fire and react and do not get shot, you still wreck the aircraft because you did not know your own capabilities of flying the aircraft. Knowing the capabilities of the enemy as well as your own is a big part of executing realistic tactics training.

Your post well stated the importance of realistic tactics training. Realistic tactics training does give our minds a fall back state to default to when we may have many other external stressors present. When you do not have to use all your brain power to accomplish an action you execute things more timely. Time you will most likely need when engaging the enemies we could possibly face in the future. As well you can manage many stressful situations when certain things become automatic. It is going to be very difficult to accomplish realistic tactics training when we are required to do more with less. With the current defense budget that congress has approved flight time is going to be at a premium. Getting the flight time to execute realistic training is not going to be available to facilitate aviator proficiency. It will be

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