The Movie, Pearl Harbor, And The American Dream

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The election of this topic for this paper was partly thanks to the movie Pearl Harbor, and my long term desire to become a pilot. Resurgence of American patriotism was due mostly to these 16 aircraft and their crewmen. This raid paved the way for collaborations between air and naval forces that would be pivotal to the success of America’s military. It is exactly the underdog story with a happy ending that personifies the American Dream.
In the wake of Pearl Harbor the U.S. needed a plan that would set the Japanese back enough for the American troops to regain a foothold in the Pacific. The Japanese had already conquered many of the small islands surrounding its mainland, including Guam, Cavite, North Borneo, Rabaul, Singapore, Java, and Bataan. Their forces were also close to taking central Burma; they showed no signs of stopping. America was still reeling from attacks on U.S. soil in Pearl Harbor and its mainland where a Japanese submarine attacked an oil refinery near Santa Barbara, California. America wanted vengeance.
President Roosevelt demanded retribution for Pearl Harbor and wanted to help boost the morale of the American people after the success of Japanese troops in the Pacific. Lt. Colonel James H. Doolittle of the US Army Air Corps was the man picked for the job. He earned his Master of Science,
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Therefore, if the carrier was to be discovered by the Japanese, the bombers would take off and head to Tokyo, if they were in range. This was probably the most dangerous plan because the aircrafts would shortly run out of fuel after they dropped their bombs and might not be able to make it to safety. However, if they were not in range of Tokyo they were to go back to Midway or Pearl Harbor. If neither option was feasible the B-25s were to be pushed overboard into the sea; this meant the deck would be clear for the USS Hornet’s short range fighter planes to be brought up from

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