Movie Vs Book Analysis

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You walk out of the movie theater frustrated that the film did not feature an important scene that made a difference to the entire plot that was in the book. Most books that are turned into movies do not adapt the entire text to film. Books are better than movies since books fuel imagination while the time spent reading connects you to the characters compared to movies where details, scenes or events are lost. What makes for a good read; what really pulled you in? While it could have been your favorite genre or the ongoing plot, it probably was the imagery created from the author’s words that kept you reading for more. Authors have a way with words that set the mood, plot, tone, etc. The amount of detail put into a character or setting is …show more content…
Reading a novel takes time so that the plot can develop and characters evolve. Since this takes a significant amount of detail and thought from the author, readers connect with the characters by experiences. In a movie, there is not enough time form the characters to develop as much unless it were a series. While reading you can even sometimes pictures yourself as that character which makes the connection stronger the and plot more significant. A time limit of 120 minutes or less does not have the same effect of reading for days with the same characters. Movies do not always provide viewers to picture the characters as themselves, maybe only a representation. While movies give an audience a set show, books give readers to explore their mind and …show more content…
As the characters grow, it makes for a bigger plot twist than movies since the limited time makes the scenes faster and less impactful. For example, a character’s mystique in a book can give descriptions of a person with certain word choice and still not reveal the character completely. In a movie, the appearance of the character is shown and loses part of their allure. An example would be The Great Gatsby, since Jay Gatsby was a mystery character in the book that described him but not his appearance while the movie showed Leonardo DiCaprio and the mystery was gone. As producers pick an actor or actress, it can impact the way an audience views the movie because of who was casted and who they thought would play the role when reading the

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