Reading Book Children Research Paper

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Anh Nguyen

Reading is one the ability that a person is required to learn as soon as possible after he or she can speak. It becomes a right to learn how to read. For the most reasonable part that reading can help people understand communication, signs, information and being educated. It easy for adult to know how important reading is, but for children, and teenagers it is very hard because of the accessible technology all around them. Instead of letting them go online with too much information and so little of controlling about what they access to, parents can let them reading books. Reading helps young minds explore their own world to find out their interest, strength, and weakness. It will guide young people to go on roads of wisdom, because books conclude knowledge and experience from previous generations before they can know what is right and wrong for them. The brains will deduce and acknowledge the information more than simply watching televisions. Young mind of children and teenagers do not have complex function as adults. They cannot point out any lesson or meaning behind a movie or a show. They see what the screen is showing and accept it as normal actions without any explanation from the adults because they do not know what is happening in front of their eyes. All the scenes happen too fast for them to actually pause and question about new information. While reading a book children can take time to receive the information. They can reread the sentences or the words as many times as they like. When they process it slowly, the brain can actually have chances to work with the
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Reading helps make children feel the love of their parents by interaction. Reading also helps young mind get used to critical thinking which is required when they go to school, and react to events happen to

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