Reading Of The Course Is Far By Carmen And Mary Lugo Essay

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In this (my favourite) reading of the course thus far, Carmen and Mary Lugo go into detail about how a few select films outline examples and portrayals of racialize anthropomorphism, socialization and heterosexism. They start by arguing that these films have a major influence on the children that watch them and their ideas of dominant social contexts. They say that “In a basic sense, the narratives embedded within these recent stories provide children (their primary target audience), and even adults, with audio-visual reinforcement of ideologies concerning gender roles, the importance of conquering one’s fears, the rewards of hard work, or the benefits of team effort, making these stories powerful agents of socialization” (p. 167). While these films do help us to learn to love ourselves for who we are, and learn to do things ourselves, it also teaches us at a young age that heterosexual relationships are the ones that we should have. Not only this, but these films teach us a lot about gender, sex and race. The authors refer to these films as agents of socialization and “portable professors” (p. 167), which ultimately means that it isn’t just a form of entertainment, but info or edutainment. The authors make it clear that their thesis of the argument is to prove that these particular films “reinforce expectations about normalized racial and sexual dynamics” (p. 168), which would mean that they believe these films play a big role in children’s ideas of race, sex and…

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