Reading Comprehension And Math Computation Essay examples

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Student Summary

Eric is a 17-year-old male, in the 12th grade at Bryan High School. He is being serviced in Special Education for a specific learning disability in reading comprehension and math computation. Eric is placed in inclusion classes with general education students, and is set to graduate on the Minimum Requirements plan in May 2016. Currently Eric is enrolled in English IV Resource, co-teach Government/Economics, and Reading Lab. For his electives, Eric is taking Art 1 and Culinary. Eric attends school regularly and is making meaningful progress with the goals put in place.
In the general education setting, Eric receives Least Restrictive Environment Alternatives. He is given instructional interventions at the Tier 1 level for academic purposes. This is provided through remediation/tutoring, accommodations, and program modifications. Assistive technology and supplementary aids have been considered, but do not seem necessary quite yet. Eric’s presence in the general education classroom has no negative effect on the classroom or on the education of the other students. Other than the specific learning disability, Eric is diagnosed with ADHD and takes medication at school on a daily bases. On last year’s State Assessments, Eric was admitted to take the STAAR M in Algebra I, Biology, Geography, and English I, II, & III. All of which he scored “Unsatisfactory”. These scores are accepted as meeting the criteria for his graduation on the minimum plan. According to…

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