Reading Books : The World Of Internet Essay

1324 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
The yYouth today is lean more towards the internet and social networking sites, which have driven them from the reality, by letting them, make a fake life in their thoughts. There was a time when researchers had to browse through a pile of books, just in order to come up with a two page essay, but now just a click can make wonders. Reading books now days is no more a trend, which makes the youth rely on the fast and cost efficient internet. As years progressed, books are becoming more and more obsolete and outdated method of gaining knowledge for present generations and are slowly being replaced by the world of internet. Reading books can be a very hard task for some individuals but lots of advantages have has been discovered, not only for grownups but also for the infants. Many researchers have found that reading books to infants can also help developing their communication skills,; concepts of colors, shapes and emotions. Some people argue that television in the present days is much more informative and interactive interacting but according to me, this argument is only acceptable to some extent. Television, on one hand, offers a colorful motion picture, whereas, the books, on the other hand allow one to think imaginatively in their minds with their own characters and how they wish to present them. The most important of all, which most people do not realize is that, reading books, can also help in relieving anxiety and stress of the readers. Personally,…

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