Essay about Reading A Population Pyramid Is Relatively Simple

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Reading a population pyramid is relatively simple. In the examples below you will see a few different types of data that. The x-axis displays the number of people, and the y-axis is the age group that corresponds with the amount of people. You will also notice that there is a red and black side of the pyramid. Colors may differ with other graphs, but in this case males are in red and females are in black. Population pyramids can display some interesting and useful data. The graphs themselves can entice us to draw a possibility of why it looks the way it does. For example, a graph that has a noticeable difference between one cohort and another can mean there was a war, or a famine. Furthermore, I will be discussing why the graphs look the way they do for three different countries. Something to notice when looking at a population pyramid is its shape. First, if the graph creates a triangle then the population is expanding, but can also mean there is a short life expectancy. Second, “the box” is typically a developed nation. It will have a low infant mortality rate, long life expectancy, and a steady population growth. Finally, a “cup” shape displays a nation with low birth rate, long life expectancy, but a declining population, Japan is a good example of this. In the US the baby boomers are a part of the reason why the US population pyramid could be considered a “box” shape. Since then the US has come to a steady increase of population, while also having a long life…

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