Reactions Based On The Workplace Essay

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As human beings, when we encounter stress we go through a series of reactions which will decide how we will respond to stress. The first part of this series is an alarm reaction, which is also known as the “fight or flight” reaction, when our brains release adrenaline in to our various parts of our body. In response to this abundance of adrenaline, the body tries to balance itself out. One may continue to resist stress during this time by ignoring their stressors, which often times intensifies the symptoms. After days of resistance the body becomes exhausted and starts to break down, causing visible signs of stress to become noticeable (Kaminsky). This physiological human response is comparable to responses that employees encounter when they are faced with workplace injustices. All though every employee’s reaction will not be the same, employees do show similar reactions based on the union strategies, managerial strategies, and external environment that they are exposed to.
Unions and union strategies in America began with the implementation of craft strategies which worked to suit the needs of mobile, highly skilled laborers, and have transitioned to try monitoring employee satisfaction and limiting conflict. As the society evolved other forms of unionism began to take place including: professional unions (public sector unions for doctors, teachers, etc.), industrial unions (which represent multiple occupations with in one or more industries), job control unionism, social…

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