Reaction Paper: the Interlude

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Reaction paper: The Interlude
Michael Anthony, born 1932 in Trinidad and Tobago, is a West Indian author of novels, short stories and travelogues about life in his homeland. In “The interlude”, Anthony tells of some events he imagined could have taken place a few minutes when someone’s past deeds cause an unfortunate event to happen. The story starts when Willis returns to San Fernando after two years in prison for fatally injuring Cyril and leaving him cripple. Willis hoped that the people of San Fernando had forgotten and forgiven his past self; however they had not. When he returned he was confronted by Little John who was enraged at him for what he had done to Cyril. Willis had no choice to try and defend himself from Little John.
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In the story Anthony was very descriptive in how he portrayed the characters and this made the story interesting and stirred up a lot of emotions within me; emotions such as pity, fear and excitement. While reading, I could not wait to find out what would have been the out come of Willis returning back to San Fernando after he spent time in jail for injuring Cyril. As in my own community people never forget a criminal’s face, they are marked for life by the horrible things they did. Willis however, hoped that San Fernando had forgotten. Willis also called “Tiger” returned and the tiger in him had been tamed. It two took years in prison for him to realize that he wanted a change. Maybe going home to San Fernando was not a good choice though. He had not been there for at least a day and he got arrested again for protecting himself from being killed by Little John. I felt so sorry for Willis because people used his past to judge him without even trying to see the new him. He wanted to change so badly, but sadly people never forget the past.
Even though Anthony’s story was fiction it portrays the sad reality of what is happening

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