Essay about Re-Organization and Layoff

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Re-organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper

Team D: Keshia Simpson, Shaquia Brewer, Lamar Vargas, Lynne G.


November 2, 2015
Professor Greg Reeves

Re-organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification

There's always a problem in an organization that must be resolved. This paper will identify the problem, explain why this is an underlying problem, reflect on my groups collaboration process in defining the problem, and explain how a clearly defined problem can help find a solution.

Collaboration Defining the Problem As we begin to collaborate on this article we tossed around several ideas of what we believe the problem is. One of the initial problems that we discussed was the
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Underlying Problem/Problem
The lack of untrained managers/ HR representatives can cause a lot of issues in the work place. In a case of dreaded layoff’s a company’s employee morale can gravely be affected which can also effect company’s overall performance. Based on the article Mismanaged Layoffs can go horribly wrong” our team believe that the underlying problem that lead to this issue is that the managers \HR Department does not have the proper training needed to effectively handle layoffs of employees without effecting the companies remaining employees. Putting a training program in place that gives mangers/ HR representatives the training they need to be both compassionate and honest with the company will help ease the sting of layoffs. When a company has a clearly defined plan and explanation for their actions prior and after the layoffs occur the remaining employees will be less likely to become upset. Solutions Training courses for terminating employees should be a part of managerial training. Managers should be properly educated on situation and circumstantial occurrences that could potentially train each such as unemployment insurance and training courses open while conducting a termination meeting. As the old saying goes "ignorance is no excuse" meaning people should be treated with utmost respect and be a preventative action for termination. Managers are not trained to handle terminations and tend to escalate rather

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