Rationalist 's Understanding Of The Mind And Body Problem Essay

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Rationalist’s understanding of the mind/body problem typically states that everything we do and say should have a background of knowledge and reason rather than impulse and emotions. All the different types of rationality holds belief that the world is a rationally ordered whole the parts of which are linked by logical necessity and the structure of which is therefore intelligible. Defensibly, rationalist would argue that innate knowledge does not require input of any kind. Empiricists believe that all concepts derive from experience and all beliefs propositions are acceptable if they can be justified with experience. It is justifiable to state that empiricist would answer the mind and body problem as such; two individuals with their own duties but function together. Perception of sensations developed by the human body is key to understanding how the mind develops a cognitive thought process. Learned patterns of perception of thoughts and emotions illustrate the concept that the mind and body are two co-dependant entities.
Imagine being locked in a room alone with nothing but a desktop computer. The computer is connected to the wifi. The only way you know what is happening to the world outside your rooms is through the input given by the wifi connected to your computer. The wifi overall enhances your computer with software updates and connects you with the world around you. If suddenly the wifi of your computer stopped working, you would not longer be able to access any…

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