Essay on Rationale : Elementary School I Remember

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Going through elementary school I remember doing the 5E model during science. My teacher had all the students engaged during science and I was eager to learn more. Now that I am learning about the 5E inquiry model it makes me realize that students need to be engaged in their learning. I chose this question because I have done some previous lesson plans using the 5E model. I like to teach students by getting them active and having them do a lot of the work instead of listening to me talk the whole time. I want my students discovering what we are learning on their own so that they can connect with what they discovered, to real life events that impact them as a learner. I also chose this because I believe that students should be engaged in their own learning and be interested in what they are learning. This is significant to me because the 5E model helps students ask deeper level questions and gets them thinking about what they are learning to make that deeper connection. I enjoy this model as it gives the students more power to learn than having the teacher talk the whole time.
Research Question
How can the 5E model improve student learning outcomes compared to different instructional science models?
Key Points
To understand how the 5E model improves learning outcomes, it is important to understand what other instructional science models are used to help teach science. These other models are used for teachers who do not believe they have enough time to teach science…

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