Rap Hop And Hip Hop Essay

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The debate of whether rap and hip hop are the same has been around since it became popular. In reference to history, everyone wants to add to the discussion. People tend to obscure history by adding their own ideas to how things really originated. In the case of Rap and Hip hop, many people try to force the two genres into one due to the fact that Rap and Hip hop share some similar features. Many fail to see that hip hop is different from rap. Rap and hip hop, although both genres originate from the same city and time, are very different due to their style and theme. These two genres have strikingly similar origins. Hip hop and rap both originated in the Bronx’s. They also surfaced around the same time, with Rap forming in the early 1979 while Hip hop originated later in 1979. People embraced hip hop because it was about having fun, dancing, and enjoying yourself. Hip hop took place mostly at block parties in the New York area. It was seen as party music. Even today a majority of Hip hop songs are used in clubs because it is seen as an essential component of modern dance. As a result hip hop was seen as a lifestyle. The culture as a whole centered especially from DJ’s who controlled the turntables and Emcees who did the beat boxing. Baggy jeans and shirts became the norm due to the influence hip-hop culture had. "Rapper 's Delight" was a 1979 single by American hip-hop trio The Sugarhill Gang. It is generally considered to be the song that first popularized Hip hop in…

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