Rance Joyce Recruitment And Selection Unit 5 Assignment Essay

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Job Interviewing Skills

Joyce Rance
GB546-1217 – 0203 – 01N
Recruitment and Selection

January 27, 2015

Vincent Pellettiere Interview Sample I The first interview sample was taken from YouTube (2013), “Max Employment-Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers”. The job candidate in the video was interviewing for a Sales Administration position. The job that I selected from Indeed.com is – Inside Sales/Sales Coordinator, at Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, - Minneapolis HQ (quadion, n.d.). The job objective is to promptly respond to all customer inquiries, and to perform duties with tact and professionalism, manage all aspects of contract review, order processing, manage customer accounts, generate sales, participate
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The interviewee, even though she was asked open-ended questions did not expound on who she was or what the company could expect to receive from her. Observing the interviewers, this panelist interview came across as more of a FBI interrogation room, with everyone wearing dark suits, and without a welcoming smile from the panelists. The questions were well presented with good follow-up questions in an attempt to engage the interviewee. The panelist, when seeing how nervous the candidate was, could have smiled to give an indication of the fun, high-energy level to expect, and upbeat organization they were representing as a company. Overall, the panelist should relax a little more, be less intimidating and for this particular interviewee – not to allow for “dead-air” time, which could be an interview killer.
Selecting the wrong candidate presents significant and unwelcome costs to employers, so taking time over interviewing is of vital importance. During both interview sessions, a short clear introduction would have helped to put candidates at ease by letting them know what to expect. Also, providing a rough agenda for the interview, stating how long the interview is going to last, and explain that you will be taking notes to further put

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