Ramadan Bazaar Narrative Report

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When I was still in secondary school , I was going to my school which was located 15km away from my house by school bus. Since form 1, my class started at 1pm until 6:30 pm , therefore when we were on the way went home, there was a road that we needed to pass by.
Every year during at certain moment for about one month, the road was always jammed. I was wondering what was happen out there ? I saw the situation besides the road was crowded with peoples, mostly Malay and sometimes with some Chinese and Indian seem like searching something right there. When my mind was appeared with ‘Oh, Pasar Malam ..’.My friends were laughed at me and told me it is a Bazar Ramadan which will happened once a year for about 1 month.
In that age, I was lack of
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One of the reason of the Ramadan Bazaar is popular was that some of cookies ,dishes, cakes, ‘kuih’ and snacks are those not easily found in one place during normal days but can be found anywhere inside bazaar . The Ramadan Bazaars were different from night market that normally found and also Sunday markets.This is because Ramadan Bazaars sell mostly foods and drinks for the breaking of fast but other things will be sold in night market. For Bazaar Ramadan, the trader will be given license at allotted spaces by the the government authority, sell usually under canopies and the big umbrella to prevent raining. Some of them part-timers, which wish to earn extra income to be used for buying essentials stuffs to celebrate new year( Hari Raya Aidifitri). This is my second year of my degree in capital of Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a multi-cultural society. The main ethnic groups are Malays , Chinese, and Indians .We lives peacefully together. This can proved how diversity in our country is cherished and the highest tolerance among each other is well represented .Due to the reason of taking the course of ‘Malaysia Experiential Tourism’, it was the golden opportunity for me to experience it and I was so excited for that! This is my first experience at the Ramadan Bazaar! Previously, I used to look at the crowd in envy behind the car windows as the bus driver drove by, never stopping down to join in the activities

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