Rahab's Deception In Rehab: Chapter Analysis

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In the book, it explains how Rahab’s words dominate the rest of the chapter, at the part the king of Jericho finds out that the spies are at her house. The narrator explains how Rahab protects the spies, hiding them under flax on the roof and then helping them escape. In her own words, Rabab tells the men of the king a lie that sends them to look for spies on the road to the fords of the Jordan River. Some readers are shocked that she would lie and yet have the respect she achieved in the book of Joshua and in the New Testament (Harris 27). Deception in Rehab’s case expresses her loyalty to the strangers who were her guests. Rehab’s deception is the way God rescues the blundering spies and ensures that the tribes will possess Canaan. In the scholar’s interpretation, it explains that deception remains the weapon of the insignificant. …show more content…
The other nations that are in power is Jericho in which the Israelites are trying to overcome. This passage is located in Jericho. The story does not describe famine.
The new information that I learned from the commentaries and scholarly materials that have changed my original interpretations is the reason why the two spies went to a prostitute house. In the book is explains the house of the prostitute to their credit is the best place to get information on the physical and psychological states of Jericho, because a house of prostitution preserves a condition of anonymous and can be used as a refuge or an inn for strangers (Harris 27). My interpretation new that I have seen the scholarly opinions is that God can use anyone even if it does make

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