Radical Behaviorists Essay

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Assignment #1: Radical Behaviorist Critique

EDU501001VA016-1128-001 Learning Theories (K-12)

Instructor: Kelly Walton

November 3, 2012

Describe a learning outcome and a radical behaviorist approach to achieving that outcome

“Learning outcomes are statements that specify what learners will know or be able to do as a result of a learning activity. Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, or attitudes. Learning outcomes should flow from a needs assessment. The needs assessment should determine the gap between an existing condition and a desired condition. Learning outcomes are statements which described a desired condition – that is, the
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The students would also be asked to name anyspecifics, i.e., how many of each animal, measuremetns, and the “why”. This should actually take place before any other lesson material is discussed. Incorporating schema would simply consist of the teacher explaining how we prepare for fires in the home.. We must have fire extinguishers tested and available, along with the proper escape route planned and mapped out for everyone and from each room. The teacher used this “fire” scenario to relate the story of how important it is to do what you are told and be prepated.

Critique the radical behaviorist approach from the perspective of situated cognition theory.

Situation cognition theory is based off of situation that one is placed in rather than a base of knowledge. Situation cognition would be very difficult to use in this lesson. The radical behaviorist approach is very good for this type of lesson. If a teacher wants to try to incorporate situated cognition theory, this can be done by students recalling when they were told things by parents to do and was not given specific reasons as to why they were supposed to do a specific task.

Create a modified approach to achieving the desired learning outcome based on the three criticisms above.

Using the three criticisms above, the desired learning outcome would be easy to understand and achievable by all the

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