Racism Is A Major Concept And Conflict Essays

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Racism is a major concept and conflict in the world’s society, and has been for many years and will continue to be until people come together in peace and decide to fix the problem. Racism is a thought in people’s minds that because of one’s skin color, language, religion, and/or customs they do not deserve the same respect from people that others around the world do. This topic brings a lot of tension, stress, riots, and rage in the world when it is brought up. This topic brings corruption to our government and people do not feel safe in the world. Racism has been going on all over the world for many years, it did not just begin in this decade. There are three main points I really want to focus on in my paper and these are the following: racism in different countries, racism over time, and polls and percentages of racism. First racism is going on all over the world, in many countries and effecting many people around the world in different ways. In Europe is wear Nazism started and where racism focused specifically on Jews. Two years after the Nazi’s came to power they brought in the Nuremberg Law which said that there were different biological definitions of Jews. Nazi’s also thought that people that were physically or mentally disabled were imperfections in the world and did not belong in their society. Many Germans murdered Jews and people that were disabled just because they thought they did not belong in their society. In the city of London in 1999, there were two…

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