Cause Of Inequality In The Little Black Boy By Francis Duggan

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Cause of Inequality-Racism
I. Introduction
A. Every human has a same red blood. Though s/he is black, white, Hispanic or Asian it doesn’t matter; everyone is supposed to have an equal right. But racism still exists. Why different races people have different heights? Was the person born that way?
B. “The Little Black Boy” by William Blake and “Racism is around me everywhere” by Francis Duggan are the two poems about how racism causes inequality.
C. Realization of differences, fear of loss and displacement, condition of being uneducated, lack of awareness, Lack of self-love, unworthy feelings, and desire to feel superior leads to inequality among the people.
D. Superiority of white to other races creates inequality in the society. Imitation of
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Body Paragraphs
A. Feeling of the separation makes minorities feel like the little black boy as inferior
“My mother bore me in the southern wild; And I am black, but O! my soul is white; White as an angel is the English child; But I am black as if bereav’d of the light” (Blake). Blake provide an idea that how the children mind has been affected by the racial difference, where the little black boy feels that there is separation in the society because of the color causing inequality. The boy shows his feelings towards the society as his soul is white, he is avoided to live as his rights as well as he needs to perform activities under the certain boundaries, meaning that he has no rights to freedom.

1. Since racism depends on the economic and the political situations, every individual are different and cannot be treated equally. As per the racist argument, whites justify slavery, using slaves as property, violating of social and cultural identity, and it became possible because of the hierarchy races proved that the whites were the superior to other races (“Racism” International
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Likewise, during the plantation period slaves were not supposed to read, write, or marry until the white person approve that, and they used to get punishment if the law were broken. Punishment ranged from imprisonment, lashing and whipping to branding, and death (Williams 1487).
The word racism came into practice in English first in 1930, it was used to describe the Nazi regime. Similarly, its use seems increasing to describe the colonial relations, especially between Africa and Europe, and Black-white relations in the U.S. and South Africa (“Racism” Learning 149). After the sugar plantation, Europe turned Africa to slave which caused the political mass movement. Also, the slavery in the South during 19 century causes the civil rights movements (“Racism” Learning 153).
Likewise, the slave was treated as nonhuman before political mass movement in Europe and civil rights movement which cause the slaves to get into challenge for the superior and get into war (“Racism” Learning 152).
The term racism has been seen from nineteenth centuries. The racism is seen in different forms in the society as by color, DNA, class, property (“Racism” Learning 153). Also, in the above database we can see that how inequality still

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