Racism In The Black Lives Matter Era

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It’s not difficult to see how racism is seen today. Or to see how much coverage that takes place when something has happened in public races. Charles M. Blow said, “Racial inequality is not a trendy issue; it is an entrenched issue”, in his article, “The State of Race in America.” Even before the 2000’s racism has always been an important topic including slavery since the early 1900’s, racism hasn’t changed as far as it not existing as it is. In an article, “In The Black Lives Matter Era...,” by Erin Aubury Kaplan she explains that there isn’t enough discussion towards the devaluing of black people that perpetuates bad policing descends from slavery and that the national trauma from that is too often passed by as a terrible past but then it’s an isolated event in time that is done, over with and only tangentially bearing on our national consciousness now. I feel as African Americans are usually ones that are being attacked for being the race that they are. I mean that’s how the “Black Lives Matter” started with all the African American’s being attacked and not being viewed as equals to all.

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