Declaration Of Independence: Racism Vs. Society

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Race vs. Society
The American society today still doesn’t understand the history of African-Americans, nor accept them as whole individuals to the American culture. Its still obvious the lifestyle today as a black individual is very different from as a white one. The word racism is used rhetorically often, but it’s not about the word it’s the fact that white people are basically in control of blacks in America’s society. Transitioning from slavery to segregation, then to present day racism played a big part in America’s history. In Thomas Jefferson’s Draft of the Declaration of Independence the second paragraph can be summed up by when stated, “All men are created equal”. This paragraph became the most controversial thing he had ever written.
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One interesting way discussed was through the manumission papers. This was interesting because it legally freed the slaves; however, it did not guarantee that they would be regarded as citizens. This helps draw to the conclusion that obtaining true citizenship and liberties for slaves was a much more drawn out process than we realized and that some slave owners weren 't even necessarily advocates of slavery. They felt compelled to own slaves for other reasons than instead their own desire, such as wealth, status in society, and because it was "the thing to do" in that area, etc. Many men were willing to step out of the comfort zone and speak for the slaves because they could not speak for themselves. This is not to say that there weren 't people that did actually supported slavery and wanted to have the slaves just out of pure laziness. A point mentioned by Garrison when he says, “the white man should labor too or actually hire and compensate the African American. For it is wrong and illegal to put another human being into …show more content…
There are two popular biased opinions of black America. The first is a very negative opinion is whites always believe blacks are related to drugs, poverty, or crime. The positive opinion is that blacks are always talented in sports, singing, and dancing. I believe the U.S. faced many conflicts about slavery and racism throughout all of history. In the declaration the purpose for why it was written was because of equality and freedom, all men should be treated equal no matter what race. Education should be free and not limited to anyone no matter what race. A man should have the same equal rights as any other man in our

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