The Police: The Black Lives Matter Movement

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The Police
I do not particularly enjoy controversy especially when it has to do with something as sensitive as race. Here in America we are facing more and more issues everyday having to do with race. Lately, it is mostly been between #BlackLivesMatter and the #BlueLivesMatter groups. The Black Lives Matter movement started after a number of young black men were shot and killed by white police officers. Most of those police officers have been acquitted from the acquisition of murder thus far saying that the shooting deaths were justified. “As protectors and guardians of public safety, police should be trusted to respect human dignity and uphold the human rights of all people. Yet, all around the world, police too often evoke fear of violence
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So with that said, I have a hard time thinking of an excuse for murder. Many people think that self-defense is an expectable reason for murder, I would even have to preface that with murder might be acceptable if there is no other choice and I believe that to be the case with law enforcement officers too. Deadly force should be a last option. With all that said though, I do not think we give enough credit to our police officers who for the overwhelming majority of good, honest and caring people. These men and women have a massive amount of pressure put on them every hour or every day that they are on the job. I doubt anyone, including myself, that is not in law enforcement can even imagine how difficult it is to put on that uniform and badge everyday and protect some who care and some who could not care less. When a situation arises a police officer has a matter of seconds to determine if they are in any form of danger and if they need to shoot to protect themselves or others. While attempting to serve and protect they could just as easily find they themselves in a deadly and lethal situation. “Police officers and some military personnel are often put into positions where they have to quickly decide whether a suspect is carrying a weapon and whether or not they should shoot …show more content…
924.) I am yet to hear one person justify any of these police shooting and say that it was perfectly fine for the cop to shoot an innocent man. Every single one of the police officers that has shot one of these men has had their time in court just like every other American citizen and in the end it has been concluded that all of these police officers in these situations thus far was at risk and needed to protect themselves from any

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