Racism And Income Disparity : Income Inequality Essay

2619 Words Feb 16th, 2015 11 Pages
Hunter Depalma
ECON 221
February 13, 2015

Racism & Income Disparity: Income Effect Income disparity is an ongoing complication within the United States not only between men and women, but between races. Many people in our country are poor, and the improvement in their lives that the ending of income inequality can bring them is great. For the most part this shifts demand curves from the incomes increasing and decreasing, negatively and positively. Some argue that our society here in America is set up to where the lower working class cannot escape poverty. We have provisions and burdens in our economy that will keep regressing the lower class. There is growing recognition that we need an inclusive economy that works for eve-ryone—not just for those at the top. Economic inequality makes it difficult to create equality of opportunity for everyone. Income inequality means that some individuals will enter the work-force much better equipped than others. And people with few benefits find it harder to access the first small steps to larger opportunities. What is even a bigger issue, is the possible link between racism and income inequality within states. There is no question that racism is still an issue in our society when it comes to all stages of the work force (i.e. hiring, pay, job placement), but does income disparity correlate with racism? Maryland and Mississippi are two contrasting states, most notably when it come to wealth. Comparison for these two states are…

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